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Who am I?

For the past four years, I've built successful journalistic video, writing and design projects inside and outside of school. I've led my school newspaper staff to national recognition and produced my own award-winning work. I have overseen the production of stunning visual and interactive storytelling

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I have served as the Director of St. Paul Academy and Summit School's online news site, RubicOnline, since May of my sophomore year. With our student publication, I've created videos, stories, infographics, page designs, multimedia elements and led staff workshops and team-building activities. Most days I am found running through hallways with a camera around my neck to cover an event or interview a peer. Outside of student journalism, I work as a free-lance reporter for The Villager,  a local newspaper in St. Paul, MN.  I am the Assistant Director of Journalism at Orca Tribe Project, an online publication that seeks to connect local artists with coverage and recognition.  With Orca, I've founded Life of a Story, a summer journalism workshop at my school that focuses on feature writing. This next summer will be its second year of existence. 

Outside of journalism, I am the captain of our varsity volleyball team, a member of the Community Action and Service club and a singer for our all-girls choir at school. I have worked as a camp counselor at the Jewish Community Center with able-bodied and disabled children,  volunteered with League of Women Voters and I currently work at a local pizza restaurant. I enjoy spending time with my family, walking my dog and playing ultimate frisbee with my brother. 



What I do

Video production

From leading video story teams to producing video series solo, I've proven competent in video and motion production while being recognized within state award ceremonies.

Leadership skills

I have led the online staff of my school newspaper since the spring of 2017, the end of my sophomore year of high school. Since then, I have successfully led the staff to national recognition while maintaining a collaborative and cooperative student newspaper culture in school.



technological development

I've gained useful technical skills, such as web development, social media management, and search engine skills to engage readers. I have rebuilt my school's online news site from inception to finish while using knowledge from programming and computer science courses.​


From meeting deadlines to assigning breaking news stories, I've managed to meet every assignment in a timely matter while maintaining quality. I exceed in high-pressure situations.​


For four years, I have been invested in journalism. I have worked for four different news organizations and served as a leader for two. I understand how to write, design, and pitch for a diverse range of different publications.

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