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As a publication, we conduct our editing process through Google Drive and SNO Flow. We write our first drafts in our Drive, contact editors and make changes based on our editor's comments. The process is our auto-pilot, it ensures that our publication has the best content possible. As an online publication, editors additionally put final drafts into SNO Wordpress where image captions, headline formatting, and online layout is edited. If a person forgets an element, such as a featured image, I am quick to take the story down and contact the editors and writer to make sure there is always an image with every story. For the past two years, I have run RubicOnline  under the following guidelines:  

EDITORS:  Review published/scheduled stories for content requirements

  • Hyperlinks?  Every story should have at least 2 hot links that are

    • NOT the first hit on Google; ideally a source or three in the story

    • One should be to a RubicOnline story

    • One should be to an outside resource

    • Click on “Open link in new tab” under the gear

  • Horizontal photo? With caption/credit?

    • Make sure the photo is edited; if you wouldn’t post it on your own Instagram, don’t post it on our site

  • Rubicon Style?

    • Grade level (9th grade, sophomore, junior, senior)

    • The Rubicon - The Rubicon or RubicOnline

  • Active headline? News-y headline that gives readers the basics

  • Grammar/Spelling?

  • Custom excerpt?

  • Pull quotes? Suggested quote bolded in the story

  • Uncheck “Uncategorized” and check the appropriate section

  • Save and then uncheck the assignment in SNO Flow so the writer knows it is officially turned in

After becoming an Arts & Entertainment editor my sophomore year, I have edited many stories. In addition to writing final edits for pieces as Director, I have also edited many stories from our Writing for Publication students whose stories are some of their firsts ever. Below are comments I have written over the past three years as well as an email letting a younger student know I just edited their story. 

As an aspiring journalist, I continue to build my writing skills. I am always working on writing stronger ledes, saying more with fewer words and remaining straightforward. As an editor, I always encourage my writers with a colored comment on the bottom of their document with praises and suggestions. The most common edit I give is about using third person or second person. As a publication, we generally stick to the third person formal writing, however, there are exceptions. Below are some examples of edits I've given and an email I've send to a Writing for Publication student. 

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