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News writing

For the past two years, my beat has been about our school's administration so I am quick to cover any administrative decisions. Every story below was published on RubicOnline and I photographed every image. 


Parent meeting sheds light on gender diversity

Part time security officers outnumber full timers

 Deans prioritize authenticity in new positions

September 4, 2018

For my first beat this school year, I decided to cover the addition of two new deans. I interviewed the deans in addition to the former Dean of Students, who is now the Principal, to give me perspective as to why our school decided to have two deans instead of the historic one. This story gave students the truth as there were many misconceptions about the deans and their different roles at the start of the school year.

Part time security officers outnumber full timers

October 31, 2017

After our student body heard of rumors regarding new security staff on campus, my journalism adviser suggested I write a long-form story about the presence of both full time and part time security officers at school. I met many security officers in the school and who managed the hiring, giving students transparency about our hiring process for security staff. 

January 31, 2018

Last year, my school created a new Gender Diversity and Inclusion policy which I covered for the News section early on into the year. The following winter, our Head of School, Dean of Students and Principal hosted a parent meeting that went in-depth about gender diversity. I was the only high school student in attendance and I was captured by the words from the guest psychology professor and the mother who shared her son's experience. I wanted to include plenty of information from the meeting for students to read about, and I eventually wrote an opinion piece about how students still needed to have productive conversations about the new policy. 

MSA speaker informs students about Islamic culture​

September 30, 2016

This story was one of my first major news stories as a writer on RubicOnline. I took photos, interviewed the speaker and selected quotes from her speech. I was interested in promoting her message and the work of the Muslim Student Alliance, which was new to the school that year. 

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