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News photography

What's a journalist without their camera? As an avid journalist within my school community, I am always quick to not only cover news events but to also document the event with photos. I enjoy capturing the emotions from the faces of the event rather than just taking large crowd images. 

ASR and ATP students unveil fall projects, findings

After a staff member from print couldn't take pictures for his story from a broken wrist, I stepped in to take photos for his story. The story and photo gallery went up online and I posted my photos on our Instagram to give the Advanced Science Research and Advanced Technology Project students recognition for work that often goes unnoticed.  

Students enjoy glimpse of change at Schilling viewing

In one of the last events on campus before summer break, students had the opportunity to visit the semi-finished science and math building that would be opening the following school year. I took photos with a peer to post on our site, giving students who were unable to attend a chance to see what their future building would look like. 

ASR and ATP students display final research

After one or two semesters of research, Advanced Science Research and Advanced Technology Project students presented their findings at the formal presentation showing during school hours for teachers and students to see. I took photos of the event and posted more photos on our Facebook for students and parents to see. 

Columbine shooting anniversary inspires student organized walk out

This story was a group effort between five students, including myself. We had a writer, a photographer for school, I was the photographer for the walkout, a student who took video of the protest from their drone and a staff member who created an interactive story element on Playbuzz. This story won the 2nd place gold medallion award for Multimedia Package this past fall at the Minnesota High School Press Assocation convention. 

Cinco de Mayo festivities engage community

For the first time, our school's Black and Brown Girl's Affinity group, a group I've covered before, hosted a Cinco de Mayo celebration in the courtyard during school. Dance circles, Latinx music, and special treats were displayed for students. I took photos of students dancing and hitting the piñata. 

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