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Opinion writing

On RubicOnline, we value the expression of opinions from our writers and invite others in the community to submit a letter to the editor. For the stories below, I wrote them after feeling inspired by student press and frustrated with how quickly students leave the classroom. Each photo was either created or submitted by me. 


This Student Press Freedom Day, honor others with truth

January 30, 2019

After an invitation from the Student Press Law Center to write an editorial about what press freedom means to me, I reflected upon the role of the First Amendment in my life. I wrote this piece in one sitting, and my mind quickly flew towards my father who passed away when I was nine. He was commemorated in local news, where I truly think my love of journalism started. 


Refrain from packing up early

November 13, 2018

Frustrated with peers who were packing up from classes way too early, I did what I know best: write a story about it. I was excited to try to create a comic effect onto a photo of myself, which I did in Photoshop in conjunction with the story. 

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