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Septemeber 2018-Present  Writer for Summit Hill Living Magazine in St. Paul

  • Met deadlines

  • Pitched stories

  • Conducted interviews

June-August 2018          Writer for The Villager Newspaper in Highland Park

  • Pitched story ideas

  • Conducted interviews

  • Wrote multiple drafts and received feedback

  • Met story deadlines

2018-Present                    Founder of Life of a Story Summer Journalism Workshop

  • Started a new workshop at high school that teaches children the basics of feature writing

  • Coordinated presentations with professional journalists

  • Recruited potential students with presentations, posters, and Internet outreach

  • Formatted, edited and organized stories written by students

  • Worked one on one with students to develop journalistic writing skill  ​​

  • Networked with local artists to agree to interviews with students

2017-Present                     Director of RubicOnline

Responsibilities Include:

  • Providing a vision for RubicOnline content

  • Overseeing staff production

  • Updating the website

  • Troubling shooting errors with WordPress

  • Delegating responsibilities with other staff members

  • Sending a weekly email to the staff detailing the week’s schedule

  • Meeting regularly with Rubicon advisers

  • Supervising other RubicOnline leaders

  • Coordinating coverage

  • Facilitating group bonding activities

  • Facilitating Development Day

  • Contacting writers and editors to ensure their jobs are complete

  • Leading group story assignments

  • Leading discussions surrounding multimedia, design, photography, videography

May 2017 - Present          Assistant Director of Journalism at Orca Tribe Project

Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing monthly deadlines in the calendar

  • Connecting with writers to ensure deadlines were met

  • Formatting and publishing all contact to Orca Tribe

  • Meeting personal writing and organizing deadlines

2016-2017                      RubicOnline Arts & Entertainment Editor

Responsibilities Include:

  • Assigning and brainstorming story ideas

  • Managing the Arts & Entertainment section

    • Keeping it timely, editing format, regulating content

  • Editing and providing feedback for stories

  • Writing and pitching story ideas to multiple editors

  • Attending certain events and taking video, audio, and photos

  • Preparing and conducting interviews

  • Applying the editor’s feedback to stories

  • Publishing and scheduling teases to social media

  • Creating story assignment sheets detailing the expectations of the stories assigned

  • Staying in contact with beat writers

  • Brainstorming and creating infographics and illustrations for relevant stories

2015                              Staff Writer, The Rubicon

Responsibilities Include:

  • Interacting with multiple editors

  • Preparing and conducting multiple interviews

  • Editing and undergoing a multiple draft process

  • Listening and adding feedback to peers’ stories

  • Taking photographs at certain events

  • Pitching and brainstorming story ideas for upcoming publications monthly

Individual Awards:

CSPA Gold Circle Award, 1st place Video Feature Package

MHSPA North Star Honor Roll-North Star Editor

NSPA Honor Roll Recipient

NSPA 2018 Cartoon of the Year Finalist - "Illustrated Interview"

NSPA 2018 Digital Story of the Year Finalist - "Columbine shooting anniversary inspires student organized walk out"

MHSPA 1st Place - Broadcast Feature Story - “The Making of a Musical 2017” (Pt 1)

MHSPA 1st Place - Broadcast Feature Story - "The Making of a Musical 2018" (Pt 1)

MHSPA 2nd Place - Online Multimedia Package (Ultimate v. Washburn)

MHSPA 3rd Place - Newspaper Sports Photo (Ultimate Frisbee)

MHSPA 5th Place - Newspaper Feature Photo (Moen - Geography)

The Rubicon Publication Awards (current awards can be found at RubicOnline):

JEM All-State Gold – Print and Online

MHSPA Best of Show — Print (3rd) and Online (1st)

NSPA All American (Print), First Class w/3 Marks of Distinction (Online)

NSPA Pacemaker Finalist (Print) and Pacemaker (Online)

CSPA Gold Medal w/All Columbian Honors

CSPA Gold Crown Award

School Newspapers Online: Distinguished Site

JEM All-State Gold Award: The Rubicon, RubicOnline

MHSPA Best of Show- 2nd Place, RubicOnline Website

Staff - 3rd Place - Website General Excellence

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