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Sports photography

As a person who did not grow up watching sports, I was at first apprehensive to sign up for sports coverage stories. However, the section has become one of my favorites. I enjoy live-tweeting, taking pictures and documenting the games via Instagram stories. Below are my best photographs from ultimate frisbee and hockey games. 

Ultimate Frisbee

After the creation of our Ultimate Frisbee team resurfaced and became official, I was the first on staff to cover their games and document their season with stories and photo galleries. For the past two years now I have been photographing the team extensively, resulting in some of my best sports photography, one of which won 3rd place for Sports Photo at the Minnesota High School Press Association convention. 

Boys Hockey

For their teacher and staff appreciation night, I covered the Boys Varsity Hockey game against Minnehaha Academy. I interviewed teachers who were invited to the game to participate in a half-time competition and spoke with the hockey captain about the importance of showing appreciation for their teacher and staff fans. To take interesting photos, I stood above the rink with the team managers and also went close to the plexiglass. I documented the story on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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