Since my sophomore year, I have pursued many solo video projects. My two-year series, The Making of a Musical, has won numerous state-wide and national awards such as first place Gold Medallion for Video Feature Package at the Minnesota High School Press Association convention two years in a row and a Gold Circle award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association that took first place in the nation. My other videos feature the four sets of twins in my class and coverage of our winter concert, which was recognized on Best of SNO. Below are my best videos I've produced in my time on RubicOnline. To view video descriptions, scroll below the video player. 

During our winter concert, my choir teacher asked me to create mini-introductions to every musical set that would be projected on the screen at the concert. This gave me inside access to much of the technology, information, and mechanics of the concert, so naturally, I wanted to make a preview video so students who do not participate in choir, orchestra or band can get a peek into what it is like. I shot and edited this video in just one day with dust on my knees from climbing underneath the risers to get a b-roll shot. This video was selected for Best of SNO.

To approach my musical coverage differently, I decided to create a video that documented the different numbers and components that it takes to make a SPA theater production. I also created the video as a time log, creating sequences that showed the reader what students were doing at a given time during tech week. I stayed after school to shoot footage for about 3 hours and teased the videos on our social media. 

Covering the musical in 2018 marked my second year creating the series. I wanted to approach the series by contrasting the work and feelings of seniors in the program with 9th graders. The result was a beautiful piece that highlighted the hard work student thespians endure. I received a Gold Medallion first place awards at the Minnesota High School Press Association for this video. 

My class has four sets of fraternal twins. To highlight this unique phenomenon, I sat each set of twins down on a couch and asked them the same questions about their relationship, favorite memories, and life as one of four sets of twins at our school. The result was many similar answers and wonderful quotes about the  special bond these twins share. 

To culminate the Making of a Musical series, I was inspired by the history of traditions that have been passed down within the drama department at school. Traditions such as singing "Time Warp" and eating Italian food before opening night served as perfect b-roll for the larger theme of nostalgia and traditions for those seniors in the show. I filmed on opening night, stayed for the show and edited and published the video the next day. 

Tech week, a week many thespians either eagerly anticipate or dread. To capture the frenzy, I filmed each day of tech week to showcase the myriad of components that go into a musical. I interviewed actors, costume designers, and extras. I especially enjoyed filming the choreography, which was very intense. The combination of a fully made face with the decadent costumes let the show's personality shine through the camera. 

For the first video of the series, I attended choir rehearsals in addition to stage and choreography rehearsals to capture the process of putting a musical together. I interviewed two students to share their knowledge and experiences at rehearsals, and what their favorite and least favorite component of the rehearsal schedule is. Students spoke about the importance of learning about stage presence and singing techniques.